More Book Work and Painters

The painters were at last able to schedule coming back to finish up the interior painting (with the floors done), which meant I needed to move all the books all over the library floor out of the way.

Books sorted into order

In the process of shelving the books, I would take a stack that had been sorted by subject and put them in the right shelving order. This went very fast with nonfiction, but fiction was a little more intense because the books had been boxed up by size rather than strictly alphabetically.

It took a few days of working on it, but I was able to get almost everything onto shelves. (I changed my mind about a few things in process then decided not to move the books until after the library ladder is reinstalled, which will come after the painters paint it.)

Library work station set up

Then I moved the table where I'd been working on cataloging books over out of the way so the painters could get to the medallions to finish them.

As you can see, I also got a set of hardware sorting drawers to manage the large numbers of odd little screws and things that we have sitting around the house in boxes. The pile of boxes is ridiculously large compared to the actual amount of necessary extra hardware in it, so I'm slowly going through those boxes and sorting out spare hardware versus things we will never use (a couple feet of extra chain for the chandeliers is unnecessary).

Then the painters showed up.

Basement painting underway

The first thing the painters did was paint the basement. The prep down there was a little intense, as we had to move my large tile collection out into the center of the room, but we made it happen and it looks like they had enough room to work in.

The painters finishing up is the last thing we needed to get done before we could schedule the movers to move our large furniture (including pianos). So that's a thing.

posted by ayse on 09/12/19