More Painting

We've had a weird few weeks of weather over here. But then again, it's been a weird few weeks in general.

There was a lot of rain, then it cleared up, then it was as hot as a hot week in summer (the air conditioning actually came on while I was in a meeting one day, confusing the heck out of me). Then yesterday some more rain came in, and this morning I woke up to showers.

In the meantime, the painters worked super hard all day yesterday to leave things in a good spot. This is how the side porch looks now:

Side porch with colours

(Note that the bit of yellow you see there is masking tape, not paint.)

I think it's looking pretty well integrated into the rest of the house.

Side porch in the light

Each of those openings, you will recall, has a screen unit that fits into it. Those are elsewhere for painting. After they are done I will either buy screen kits and do them myself, or possibly if I'm as busy with work as I have been I'll hire a screen company to do them for us.

Inside the side porch

The ceiling is light blue, as is traditional. I couldn't find the same light blue we used on the front porch, so for future reference this is Benjamin Moore Bluebelle, 2064-60. I think it could be a little darker and purpler, to be more like the sky in the photo, but it works OK. I'll live with it a while and see how I like it.

As we move into early spring here, I'm starting to talk to landscape contractors about doing pathways and patios. I'd really like to get the basic shape of the garden in place so I can do the more fun part of planting things.

posted by ayse on 01/22/21