The Tub and the Greenhouse

This is kind of an update that is not much of an update. I've been going this incredibly tedious process of putting thin layers of paint on the tub and letting it get damp and rusty, then fixing that rust and adding more paint, and it finally got to the point where no new rust was appearing, so I put down a layer of the base colour. This is a flat black paint, chosen mainly because if is shows through the final coat it won't be obvious as a missed spot over white paint.

Tub with base layer of paint

It was super windy so I also gave myself a coat of flat black paint, which is pretty funny looking.

In addition, this week marked the arrival of the greenhouse. We roped our neighbor Richard into helping us get it off the truck. Most of it will be stored in the driveway for now, with the smaller boxes and crates in the house. I'm still waiting for the permit so we can start construction of the base. If you want to know how plan check is going, one of the comments noted the presence of a dry sink in the greenhouse to use for potting plants and asked what liquid would be served in that sink. I thought I had gotten around that by making the note state that the dry sink would have no potable water connection, but apparently that was too inscrutable for this guy. Anyway, no idea when the permit will come through.

Crated greenhouse delivered

We will be painting the greenhouse -- many people choose to stain and seal the wood, but I don't want to be re-sealing every year to maintain the look, and also painted is more period-appropriate. So we're going to apply a priming coat of epoxy and then paint with Benjamin Moore porch paint. The wood itself has marks on it to aid in construction, so we'll have to paint it once it is mostly assembled, which should be exciting.

Anyway, for now we've packed it up in the driveway out of the way. I don't think there's much risk of theft because what are you going to do with only part of an unassembled greenhouse? Also it is heavy as hell and my back is still angry at me about that. So it seems like it will be fairly safe there until the permit comes through and we can start construction.

posted by ayse on 05/01/21