More Tub Plumbing and the Shed

The tub garden nears completion! This week I've been working on plumbing up the drain and level control.

Plumbing diagram

Basically, at different times of the year you may want water levels in a bog garden to be higher or lower, so I am putting an external level control on the tub to make that easier. When I want the level higher, I'll add the pipe above the coupling fitting, when I want it lower, I'll take it out. If I need to drain the entire tub (for example, to move it), I have the valve at the bottom.

The actually fittings I ended up buying were slightly different: you need a special fitting to connect a metal tub drain pipe to a PVC pipe, but that was sorted out nicely with the help of the folks at Pagano's. And I only bought two incorrect fittings and had to bring them back to exchange them.

Plumbed up level and drain

Here we are, all glued up and ready to be fitted in place on the tub. But! That will have to wait, because we have to make a shed foundation.

You may recall that we decided to buy a prefab shed to store some of our more shed-oriented stuff (such as the concrete mixer). After months of weird miscommunication from the sales guy, we finally were able to arrange a date for installation, which means we need to build the foundation. We no longer have a big truck to pick up concrete with, so I ordered it delivered by a big box store. That delivery was supposed to happen Thursday, but they were unable to make it, so I rescheduled to today, which also did not happen for some reason, so now it's rescheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully the delivery actually happens tomorrow so we can actually put the foundation in Sunday, but I'm not holding my breath.

The shed will make a huge difference in our ongoing work to unpack and actually feel like we live in our house again. It'd be really nice not to have large tools in the dining room, for example. So the foundation is our top priority this week.

posted by ayse on 06/11/21