Gardening at Night

The magnolia arrived today, dishevelled, much the worse for having spent the night at the Oakland PO. Most of its soil had come out of the container. I spent ten minutes planting it, by flashlight, then watered it in. There's nothing that makes you feel like you're disposing of a body quite like planting a tree by the light of a weak-batteried flashlight. Even if it is in your own front yard.

Very little happening on the home improvement front. Noel continues with the wiring, and we will be closing on the new loan tomorrow, then immediately signing the contract with the painter. The house is a huge mess, with a pile of things-to-be-given-away taking up half the front hall, and the contents of the living room jammed wherever and however we could fit them in every other room. Much as I'm pleased to be making progress again, I kind of miss the emptiness of the dining room from this summer.

My tasks for this week:

1) Take plans and lists and go talk to the city about permits and permissions
2) Price out insulation and order it
3) Price out wallboard and order it
4) Take this gigantic pile of donations, make a list of what's there and what it's worth, and take it all to charity. Get receipt.

And I have an exam Friday. No problem!

posted by ayse on 11/18/03