Missing Magnolia


It's 6:45pm. Airborne Express (I hate those bitches; they never seem to deliver anything properly) shows the package out for delivery. But it's not here, and it's well past times when I would expect a package to be delivered. And here I have this huge hole waiting patiently to be filled, right out in front of my house.

Had a mildly exciting day on the home improvement front. Went down to Economy Lumber in Oakland (on High Street just off Alameda) to get some 2x4 redwood to replace the wood in the places where the Previous Owners cut the original framing of the house to add random doorways. The parlours have 12' ceilings, so I had to bring home four 12' 2x4's in the Golf (well, or in the Geo, but I prefer the Golf for my ridiculous adventures in lumber). Add to that perplexing problem, they had no untwisted 12' pieces, so they offered me 14', but there was no way those were coming home in my car without a roof rack. After a bit of hard thinking, they cut them down to 12' and we jammed them in the car, sticking out through the sun roof. I'm now a legend down at Economy Lumber. Just wait until we buy insulation. Although I was figuring on getting that delivered.

Also, I'm thinking of buying a roof rack. Thule apparently makes one with a lumber attachment.

Update: Airborne has obviously found my blog, because they changed the status from "Out for Delivery" to:

11/17/03 11 : 30 am Arrived at USPS. Oakland, CA

Why in hell is Airborne dropping packages off at the USPS in Oakland? Anyway, still no magnolia. If that baby is hurt in any way, there will be hell to pay.

posted by ayse on 11/17/03