All Quiet

Somebody was here yesterday and a lot of the renailed trim elements have been primed. But nobody's here today, even though the weather is fine (predictions were rain, so I don't blame them).

I mentioned that the painters were coming back with more paint samples. They did indeed paint more swatches for us last Saturday, but I never posted the picture. Here they are:


I like the one on the end, which was what was supposed to be where the odd aqua swatch is painted. It's called "Sidewalk Gray."

Recent rains have made the house all messy from splashback where I was digging dirt away from the foundation:


I think this may call for a yard of gravel shovelled into the trench to let the water drain cleanly. True, it's all going to go away when the foundation replacement is done, but it will make the painters' lives easier.

posted by ayse on 02/20/04