The Saga Continues

It's been a long time since we accomplished anything major on the house, and this has kicked us into action. Noel has restarted the drywalling (which has languished with our lack of energy and our inability to figure out how to do the bay windows), and I am working on my curtains for every room project.

I've also been feeling guilty when I look at our site statistics and see people coming back here, despite the lack of updates.

As a reward for your patience, here are some photos:

The last piece of drywall in the library, nearly two years after the walls came down:


The last really tricky bit of drywall that is NOT in the bay window, put up by Noel all by himself with much grunting and struggle while I studied last night:


The roll of fabric bought for five sets of curtains in the office and the accordion room. When you have seven-foot windows, curtains consume a LOT of fabric:


A swatch of the fabric, which is a translucent white with a plaidlike pattern in denser white on it. It's a bit horizontal in the only direction that is long enough to make curtains without an ugly seam in the middle, but so were all the other available fabrics, so I'm hoping it looks OK in the windows:


posted by ayse on 05/24/04