Enough Counter Puns, Already

On Tuesday, Bob came over again, and we worked some more on the counter. We're really only a day or so away from being done, apart from putting a finish on that sucker.

First, we test-fitted the countertop in the corner of the kitchen. This is the tapered piece, which has the trickier fit as it has to go against a corner that is neither square nor plumb:


Then we laid out the countertop pieces upside-down on some cardboard, so we could build the shelves underneath:


Our plan was to use one of the four-foot shelves we'd bought to make three shelves for the untapered half of the counter. So we sliced the shelf up and attached it loosely to the legs. One of the legs will go in the middle of the two separate pieces of countertop, and the rest of the shelf extends as far as it needs to:


The complicated bit is next: we need to figure out how wide the shelves under the tapered part of the countertop should be, trim them down, and then attach them to the legs. Then we can attach all the legs to the countertop, put bullnoses on the shelves and the countertop, and attach the hardboard in the back for racking stability.

Bob is coming back tomorrow to work on this, and we're hoping to get it done then.

posted by ayse on 06/24/04