Well, it took far longer than expected or desired, but the counter project is finally done. Bob came over yesterday afternoon and we worked until sunset on finishing it up. Regard:

We built out the rest of the shelves from the one set we had made:

Some of the Strong Ties had to be cut off to fit nicely against the wall (which the whole thing didn't, but that's another story):

Preparing to attach the countertop to the shelves:

Test-fitting the back to align the shelves properly:

Once the top was attached, we glued the hardboard into place in the back (notice the TOTAL OVERKILL dado):

And it's finished!

But how do we get it inside?


Hard to believe that worked, isn't it?

The possible backsplash idea:

Fully loaded, with coffee station set up:

posted by ayse on 06/26/04