A Word to the Wiring

We all think of electricity as a basic need, something that just happens to be there. But at Casa Decrepit, the wiring is iffy at best, especially in places where it was "improved" by the previous occupants. As we've been living in the house, we've been fixing their many mistakes, and rewiring whole rooms. Noel has taken this duty on himself, learning the electrical code and squeezing his butt into tiny spots to make the wiring safe. Every part of the house that has been rewired is wired to exceed current or foreseeable needs, because ten years ago it was considered weird and insane to have a dedicated phone line for your Internet connection, and now most people we know would think it a hardship to live otherwise.

Last night, Noel moved the light switch in the laundry room from the corner by the dryer (where we had to walk across the room in the dark to get to it) to right next to the door (where, incidentally, the switch for the bathoom light used to be; he moved that into the bathroom over the winter). I took some photos of the electricity king in action:

Noel squeezes himself down into the attic above the laundry room:

There's not much space down there, and he has to be careful not to fall through the drywall ceiling:

In dim light and cramped space, he does his wiring magic:

Service with a smile, even!

You see that maroon glove at the floor level? That's Noel in the lower attic area:

Noel spots a shoe between the floor of the attic and the ceiling of the dining room:





posted by ayse on 06/28/04