End of Tape

As of 11pm I have finished the tape part of the taping in the Back Parlour.


Still to come are the second and third coats of mud, sanding, and a bunch of painting.

I was about three feet of corner tape away from finishing when I felt a sudden and profound feeling of relief from the house, as if it hadn't been sure it could trust us to actually finish those rooms. Now the Back Parlour is a room, soon to be the library/music room. It won't have trim for some time, but it will have walls, and they will be painted.

When I finished the taping, there was a profound feeling of relief from me. It's exhausting work, this taping and mudding, when you have narrow Carpal Tunnels and a tendancy to RSIs. But mostly it's nice to be so close to finished with one room in the house. I'm looking forward to the day -- a few days from now! -- when I can move all the bookcases from the hallway, all the musical instruments from the dining room, and close the door and know that's one room that's not going to change drastically any time soon.

Then I will immediately go upstairs and tear apart the front bedroom. That's how I am.

posted by ayse on 08/04/04