Muddy Walls

In one great combined effort, Noel and I finished covering the tape in the Back Parlour. Tomorrow, when our work from today is dry, we will put on a skim coat of mud over the surface of the walls and ceiling, and in the evening it will be dry enough for us to put on primer.

Monday, we paint. Which means that Monday, I have to decide on a paint colour. We'd planned to do the Front Parlour light green and the Back Parlour a pale purplish colour, but recently I've been thinking doing them both the same colour would be easier and just fine, as far as the appearance of the rooms goes. Since I can't see having two large rooms in purple, I'm going to look for an acceptable shade of green at the store.

But I'll get purple if one jumps out at me.

posted by ayse on 08/07/04