Fields of Green

So our story left off on Saturday evening, when Noel had joined me for a marathon mudding effort.


Then there was sanding and another layer of mud, which was all of Sunday and into the wee small hours.



But once everything had been sanded, we could put down the first coat of primer. The walls and ceiling sucked up an incredible amount of primer (which is the point of primer, actually, so I was not at all resentful). We used 3 gallons on the whole room.



And the second.



And with two coats of primer dry, we were able to paint the actual final colour of the ceiling and walls, modulo a bit of messing with cutting in at the ceiling, because the cutting-in brush turned out to be ruined by inadequate cleaning the last time we used it.

Now we are green.


Tomorrow I decide whether we need another coat of paint, I wash the floor and scrape the drywall mud off it, and at some point, all the bookcases and musical instruments move into the room and then we are DONE in there.

posted by ayse on 08/09/04