This morning, it was abundantly obvious that the Back Parlour needed another coat of paint, so I made a quick trip to the hardware store for corner tools and maybe an edging brush.

I found these marvellous items:

The corner painter: $4 at the Ace around the corner, and worth every penny. Loaded with paint this sucker got all the inside corners perfectly and handled the top right (because of the tapered top). I wish we'd found it before we started painting, but now we have it so all is well for the future.

The edger: I fussed over cutting in at the ceiling for an hour last night, and this morning I redid the edge with this tool in 10 minutes, including moving the ladder. Definitely worth the $3 I spent on it.

So this afternoon, the room looked like this:


I wanted to wash the floor, but it turned out that the carper adhesive that's stuck all over the place is water-soluble, so it turned into a big sticky mess. So I let it dry out and we moved the bookcases and musical instruments in. I had failed to accomodate the organ properly, but it will live as is for the moment. Now we have a real library. Sigh with me now:


posted by ayse on 08/10/04