A Tale Of Dreadful Dready Stuff

This afternoon, I started working on repairing the plaster in the Front Bedroom (the previous several days of washing wallpaper paste off the walls have been skipped out of respect for the sensitivities of my gentle readers).

You know how, in a scary movie, they build tension by slowly zooming in on a small area of the screen where a previously unnoticed boogieman lies waiting to suck the life out of his innocent victims?

I've always thought that was a pretty effective technique. At first you hardly notice that you're getting closer to the scary thing...

Then you're like, Oh My God What Is That Thing???

The camera pauses on the face of the boogieman for a moment, and you see the gleam in his wicked, evil eye...

Then closer, the music getting creepier and creepier with a lot of that bass stuff that makes the whole theatre rumble...

You KNOW somebody's going to get eaten

But actually, I'm not a huge fan of scary movies, and even though it looked as if the chimeny had partially collapsed and caused massive burning on the inside of the wall in the Front Bedroom, it turns out that there's just a badly-bricked-in old coal fireplace there.

posted by ayse on 09/09/04