Scrape Scrape Scrape

Another day of working on the Front Bedroom. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get it painted, not even primed, before we leave for vacation, but I am hoping to get the plaster repaired by then. Not much more to do to get to that point, fortunately.

Here's where I started this morning:
August 18, morning

With wallpaper off, I found this drawing:
drawing on the plaster

and this writing on the wall:
writing on the plaster

I can't read what they say, but they're at least 80 years old.

I worked fairly solidly all afternoon, but wasted a lot of time on a computer problem in the evening, so this is where I left off:
August 18, evening

Tomorrow I scrub the walls to remove wallpaper paste, then let them dry and begin the slow and painful process of patching and stabilizing the plaster. I need to go get some more of those screw-in washerlike things from the hardware store, first. Scrubbing should take most of the day, anyway.

posted by ayse on 08/18/04