Sumpful Goodness

Lordy, Counterforce works fast. They were here this morning at 7:30AM, digging the sump basin. By the time Noel got home at 5:20PM, all this was in place and they were gone.

The sump, relocated after several back and forth conversations with the structural engineer. Yes, that is concrete in there! You cannot know how happy I am to finally see work on this underway.

The Sump

The drain field leading to the sump, which will be buried in gravel soon. This will serve to remove water pressure pushing up on the bottom of the slab by providing an easy path for drainage of water under the house.

Drain field

Drain field 2

Stego Wrap, which will go on top of the gravel drain field and right under the concrete slab as a moisture retarder. This is basically to keep the slab from being moist all the time. Concrete wicks water, and while some of that is just fine with us (dampness is not undesirable in this particular storage space), lots of it is obviously an issue.

Also, a dog for scale.

Stego Wrap with Canine

posted by ayse on 08/04/05