First Rebar Inspection

I came by the house this morning for our first rebar inspection. The guys had been at work for almost four hours and had laid out the first layer of bar and started tying the second layer onto it.

Guys tying

Ralph was very happy with the understanding the guys had of the bar layout, and he was also very happy to see that they'd special-ordered long bar so there are no splices. Little things like that make a tight layout much easier to handle.

Ralph inspecting

The bar did have to be trimmed to fit, but a little saw did the job nicely. The guys would carry three (three! Noel and I could barely lift one of the shorter bars by ourselves) bars down under the house and lay them in place, mark them for trimming, then lift them out, trim them, and put them back.

Cut ends

One guy was down there just tying the bar as the others get it cut to size and set in place. Tomorrow they might add a fourth guy. They expect to pour concrete next week.

Work on rebar

When I came home this evening, this is how much progress they'd made. Not all of that is tied, but most of it is.

End of the day

posted by ayse on 08/11/05