Cribbing Removal

Once the beams were off the cribbing, the piles were torn down very quickly:

tall cribbing

chest-height cribbing

short cribbing

Here's one of the guys from Fisher Brothers Housemoving chucking a 6x6 into the growing pile:

chucking a 6x6

All gone:

cribbing gone

All of the above took 3 minutes or so. Then things got challenging.

Remember the floor? It's a foot thick with 4 layers of rebar in it. One of those layers of rebar was run through the cribbing pile. That means that there are several boards trapped below floor level. Excess concrete had to be chipped away:

chipping away extra concrete

That allowed the top two boards to be released (after much prying):

releasing the first board

The next level of boards were so wedged in there that nothing was going to get them out. Luckily, it was Sawzall to the rescue:

sawzall to the rescue

In the end, those two 6x6's had to be sawn in half. But the haunches (4x12's at the bottom of the cribbing pile) came out without any trouble. The end result:

haunches gone

More to come.

posted by noel on 09/20/05