The Incredible Shrinking Pile

a smaller pile


As you can see, Counterforce and the subcontracted bobcat operator really went to town today (watch the movie). Some of that dirt went to backfill the side bay:

side bay backfilled

Some of it, as Rosie noticed, got piled up against the house:

dirt against house

From there, it got shoveled into the basement:

pile of dirt in basement

The guys then carried it, bucket by bucket, across the basement and dumped it in the space recently vacated by the cribbing:

cribbing hole filled

From what I saw on the other camera (which otherwise didn't make a movie worth posting), it appears that they also schlepped some of the gravel into the above hole before starting to fill it with dirt.

Oh, also it appears that Fright Box wanted to make a special appearance before being hauled off to Specialty Crushing (where they recycle concrete):

posted by noel on 09/22/05