Day of Rest

For us, anyways. Counterforce is moving to a new office today, so all of their staff are busy performing the move.

Look, Ma -- no shoring:

Here's looking along the same line, but from the other direction. It's like coming full circle: we were excited to see holes dug for the cribbing when we got started, and now we're excited to see holes ready to be filled in:

While the steel beams were being removed yesterday, Counterforce stripped the forms for the side bay window. They also installed a temporary wood beam to support the bay until the concrete has cured enough to support its weight:

With all the cribbing gone, it really looks like a room down there:

Counterforce also cleaned up all of the debris out of the holes yesterday and added enough gravel to match the surrounding strata:

Tomorrow, they'll tape in some of that yellow plastic membrane and tack in a water stop so that they're ready to pour concrete at the end of the week.

They also hauled off two more truckloads of debris. Here's a picture of the dogs checking out the newly vacated space. There used to be a huge stack of 4x4's and trash cans where Rosie (the black dog) is standing:

The only casualty during yesterday's shoring removal was the temporary mailbox. When one of the beams was swinging around, it crushed the box slightly:

No worries, though. I spent a few minutes with a rubber mallet today fixing it up.

Tomorrow, Counterforce will be prepping for the final concrete pour on our job. In addition to the prep for the holes where the cribbing was removed, they'll also dig and tie steel for the footings under the front porch and stairs. If everything goes well, this'll all be done in a week! We can't wait!

posted by noel on 09/21/05