Prepping for More Concrete

Counterforce have been preparing for the last visit of the concrete truck. Here's the form work for the front stairs, substantially complete:

front stair footing forms

Goldie checks out the work:

front stair footing forms from above

There's still some discussion between Counterforce and our carpenter on the height of the first step and how it'll be poured. We expect that issue to be resolved today or tomorrow.

The guys also started to fill the hole on the side of the house. No doubt they'll be out there with the compactor/vibrator tool tomorrow:

backfill on the side

They also installed rebar and Stego Wrap in one of the three holes in the basement space:

plugs with stego wrap and rebar

We're expecting all of this prep work to be complete in the next day or two, meaning our final concrete pour will be Thu/Fri of this week.

posted by noel on 10/03/05