Remember all of that ugly rot in the corner of the house near the front stairs? (See the first two pictures in this post.) It was worse than we thought. Check out this 4x6 that got removed:

rotted beam

They removed a good ten feet of it because it was so bad. That tells you something about the amount of water that was being directed there by the front stairs. Here's another view:

rotted beam, view two

Counterforce did a nice job replacing things:

corner, all fixed up

The front porch, shown with shear panels installed below:

front porch with shear panels

Our side porch got some attention today, too. Remember how it was curved and directed water into the house, due to the fact that the house was up on shoring for too long? (Remind yourself here.) Counterforce has fixed the problem:

side porch

It'll be nice not to have to worry about that this winter when the rains start.

posted by noel on 09/30/05


I am so impressed with these Counterforce guys. It looks like they do really nice work. I think if my house ever needs this type of stuff, I will try to convince them to commute to NE :)

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