Obligatory Spring Garden Photos

Everybody's doing, and so am I. Yes, that is, posting pictures of plants coming to life in the garden.

We have strawberries looking strawberrylike:

The Arctic Queen nectarine flowering:

The Strawberry Free peach flowering like mad:

Leaf buds starting on the quince:

Leaves appearing on the Harry Lauder's Walking Stick:
Harry Lauder's Walking Stick

First blooms appearing on the Cecile Brunner (who is looking awfully rusty; I must do something about that):
Cecile Brunner blooming

Wisteria making its first foray into the yard (note that this is our neighbor's wisteria, but half of it comes over the fence so we have semi-adopted it).
Wisteria on the attack

The ferns are starting to take hold in the fern walk, though admittedly the rains have beaten them down a bit. Here's the sword fern, robust as always:
Sword ferns

One of the two Mother Ferns; this is the weaker of the two.
Mother Fern

Some of the experimental grapes. 90 percent of them survived the winter. I guess I better think about staking these now so they grow up rather than sideways. I should also cull the obviously dead ones from the row.

Not much on the Asian pears or apples, yet, but they are starting to swell with buds.
Asian Pear

And signs of life from the magnolia! I really don't know how well it will survive its ordeal, but this should be the critical summer.
Jon-Jon lives!

Here's last night's impulse ranunculi and poppy, waiting to be planted:
Impulse purchase

Anybody want any bricks? We have lots.

Now I'm going off to a doctor's appointment, then to grab Noel from work and head off to the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show.

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posted by ayse on 03/17/06