Flower Show and Flowers

This afternoon, Noel and I made a wee trip over to the Palace des Vaches for the flower show. I generally find flower shows a little dull on the exhibit front and this was no exception, but the sales floor was fun. I have only one complaint, and that is that the amount of non-plant, non-tool garden junk at these shows grows every year.

Plant show

I bought a bunch of additional bulbs at the show, including eight dahlias, and when we got home it was still nice out, so I planted all the dahlias in the yard. I have a cutting/big fluffy flower garden between the trees at the center of the yard, so the dahlias went there. I laid them out on the sand to make sure they would all fit.

Bed laid out

Then planted them about 2-3 inches deep and dropped a couple inches of compost on top of them. In another month, I may top-dress them with more compost, because dahlias are heavy feeders, and I am an indulgent gardener.

Dahlia bed

Varieties planted:

Barbarry Atlantean (lavender)
Blue Angel (lavender) (can't find a link for this one)
Bracken Ballerina (pale pink)
Brookside Snowball (white)
Gay Princess (pink)
Lavender Perfection (lavender)
Minnesota (pale lavender)
Park Princess (pink)
Rosella (pink)
Snoho Beauty (pale pink)

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posted by ayse on 03/17/06


I feel the same way about the Scholastic Book Fairs at school. All the kids want to buy are the novelty pencils, erasers and basically junk.

I know these fairs raise money, but I thought the real point behind them was to get children interested in reading good books.

Funny, I had the same reaction. The only thing I bought was a couple lily bulbs.

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