One Quick Squee Post

Then on to business. I will eventually stop posting pictures of the plants and gooshing over how they are growing, but cut me some slack here; this time last year I was in a perfect hell and it looked like we might never have a safe house, much less a whole garden full of plants.

And it is exciting. The garden seems to change every day, with the coming of spring. Yesterday I noticed flowers on the blueberries. Yay, blueberries!

Blueberry flowers

The apples are also starting to burst with leaves.

Apple leaf

And there are now enough buds and flowers on all the nectarines and peaches (peaches are the short ones, nectarines are tall) that individual pictures are silly.

Lots of blooming in the nectarines and peaches

As Noel put it today, the quince is in the lead, with a nice set of leaves appearing. That tree is going to be a monster. I love it. (Have I mentioned that I messed up writing here and have been identifying it as Aromatnaya when it is in fact Havran? I don't know why I can't seem to get that straight. Anyway, the quince is Havran.)

Quince leaves

And the Mme Alfred Carriere rose is starting to put out some new growth. I've already been warned that this thing can be a real beast. It's in a good location for misbehaviour because it can basically cover that fence and I'll be OK with it (and so will the neighbor whose fence it is).

Rose sprouts

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posted by ayse on 03/19/06