Hail and Torment


It was raining this morning, then in the early afternoon it turned to hail, which it has been doing off and on all afternoon. This has been a lot of fun (how does the weather know when I have recently planted expensive plants?). So instead of digging around in the garden as planned (I don't mind gardening in the rain but hail is a bit much) I worked out a plan for the rose arbor out front and then toddled off to Home Depot to get some supplies.

And yet I have no photo of supplies. Why is that? Because when I added up how much the materials would cost, the sum was considerably more than I had expected: on the order of $375, without including tools and incidentals and all that. In contrast, in the next aisle was a prefab wooden arbor for $155 when tax was factored in. That really gave me pause. I've been keeping up with the costs of steel and concrete, but not the cost of copper. Wow.

So I bailed on the arbor making adventure (bummer, because that was essentially my post for the day) and came home to wait until this evening to consult with Noel. I also checked to be sure that the neighbor across the way's prefab arbor was different from the one in the store, which it is. I'd hate to bring something like that home and have the whole neighborhood look like a hardware store display.

And sorry for being offline earlier today. The server that hosts this site moved house.

posted by ayse on 03/20/06