Arbor Day

Today was the day designated for finding a new arbor solution for the front walk. This morning I drove to several hardware stores and nurseries in search of an arbor both wide and tall enough, and not to mention cheap enough. I finally returned to Home Depot, discovered that in fact the arbor I was interested in was $80 (tax factored in) rather than $155, and bought it. It's a leeeettle too narrow for the walkway, but not uncorrectably so.

Arbor in the car

It was remarkably easy to put together, considering some of the kits I had seen on the web where you had to nail all the lattice bits together yourself (I don't think so).

Assembled arbor

Now I just need to attach some mounting stakes to the legs and stick it in the ground, and we're good to go.

I spent the rest of the afternoon picking rocks, chunks of concrete, and bricks out of the garden. Oh, it was a laugh riot. I could do this for a week and you would hardly notice, apart from all the little holes I leave behind. The sand patches in the garden look like Swiss cheese.

Wagon of rocks

Now, for all of you who are sick of the plant photos that all seem to be the same flower over and over, the post is done. For the rest of us, I have a few gooshy plant pictures.

Here are some sweet peas that will soon be large enough to be hardened off and then planted in the garden somewhere. I'm thinking alongside the front steps. The seeds were pretty old and I didn't expect quite so many of them to germinate; sweet peas really enjoy our climate and soil, and we may have a bit of sweet pea overload here.

Sweet peas

The other day, Goldie kind of lay down on the Iceland poppy, and ever since then it has been feeling a bit off kilter, but not bad enough to not bloom. Hmm. I thought I had chosen a more red, less orange poppy. Oh, well.

Iceland poppy

The Strawberry Free peach has leaves, now, too, putting it far ahead of the quince in the tree Olympics.


But I still have a certain fondness for the nectarine flowers.


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posted by ayse on 03/21/06