Let There be Light

As part of the basement work, we were going to install some fluorescent tube lights in the basement for a sort of general lighting. Noel did the work because I have never seen work by a professional electrician that comes close to being as clean and careful as his work, plus it saves us some money. (In California, homeowners can do electrical work on their own houses with a permit. This may not be true where you are.)

Here's Noel installing the main switch, which turns on the lights in the basement and also acts as a master switch to turn off the lights in the crawlspace, which have their own switch by the entrance to that area.

Noel shows us a bushing

And the new switch, installed and ready to go.

A new switch

The lights Noel got need to be plugged in, so he installed a bunch of outlets in the ceiling to plug them in to.

Installing outlets in the ceiling

And here are the lights, installed and ready to go.

Lights in action

He also installed this wonderful outdoor outlet in the front, which will come in handy when the carpenters show up to start working on the front stairs Monday.

New outlet

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posted by ayse on 04/29/06