Birthday Party

So. Casa Decrepit turns 130 years old this year. We don't know its birthday precisely, but the likelihood is that it was begun in the spring and completed sometime in the summer. The summer of 1876 brought us such historical events as Custer's Last Stand, so visions of staging some sort of reenactment have been filling my head.

How do you celebrate your house's birthday? 130 years is almost incomprehensibly long for a human life, but sort of the low end for what a building should reasonably be expected to handle.

We hashed around some ideas, including my attempt to convince Noel that we needed to have a miniature state fair complete with animal judging and state fair junk food, but none of that seemed to be both economically and logistically feasible. What seemed right for us was a party, and you are all invited.

No, really.

We're still arguing about whether I can rent a cotton candy machine, but somehow we will work out some sort of refreshments. Children are welcome but this is a house under renovation so you have to supervise them. We're going to tidy things up but I can personally attest to the fact that I have removed more than a gallon of broken glass shards from the garden in the last four months, to say nothing of rusty nails. We have two rambunctious Labradors and two elderly and ornery cats, and the toilet upstairs isn't actually connected to anything so please do not use it because I am not in the mood to deal with that again. Yadda yadda.

So. July 1, sometime in the afternoon, details to be posted when we work them out, but that should be good enough for overall planning. Comment here if you want to come and don't already know the address; I'll screen comments and reply to you in e-mail. Or you can just e-mail us. Or call, if you know the number. Otherwise, well, just show up. I'm hoping for a delightful mix of neighbors, friends, and random total strangers off the internet.

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posted by ayse on 05/15/06