Inching Closer to Sprinklers

Hey, did you know trenching machines weigh 900 lbs and in no way will fit into a Geo Metro?

Anyway, we dug by hand today, or rather, Noel dug, I did some hacking at the ground with the adze, and I also worked on the temporary connection for the manifold (we're hooking up to city water until we have the tank and pump in place).

First I laid everything out roughly, including the connection to the interior manifold that I'm leaving unconnected for now for logistical reasons. Then I glued it all together. Simple, huh?

Outside manifold, connected

This was the major sticking point for me: the connection between the manifold, which is all 1" PVC, and the spigot. I ended up using a four-foot extension hose connected to a hose-thread to pipe-thread connecter, connected to a 3/4" male pipe thread to 1" slip PVC connector, which was glued into the pipe to the filter.

Temporary connection to city water

The filter itself is placed before two branches, one going into the house for the interior manifold, and the other going to the exterior manifold. The interior manifold is not connected right now, so we capped the pipe off. Eventually I'll cut the cap off and connect it.

How the filter connects to the manifold

We decided to start the system by connecting the lawn sprinklers for the back yard first. So every other outlet from the manifold is capped, and just this one has a valve connected and the pipes ready to connect to the pipes buried in the lawn.

One sprinkler connection

Tomorrow we do more trenching and more hooking up of pipes. We're almost there.


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posted by ayse on 06/24/06