The Scent of the Garden

For the last couple weeks, the garden has smelled like lilies. Oh, yes, the Nicotiana adds its own intoxicating scent in the evenings, but the lilies have started to open and there's simply no competing with them.

Blooming lilies

I've been surprised by their uprightness: no need to stake these lilies (although now that the blooms are coming they are getting more top-heavy): they stand up by themselves and don't bow over even in the evening wind.

I will definitely be moving these guys over the winter, though: they are much taller than the citrus, and I want to put in a larger stand of them at the back of the bed near the cottage, to cover up that wall and fill in the blank spot in the early summer. In a month or so, the Amaryllis belladonna will come in, and combined with lilies that would look pretty stunning.

At the moment, the only open blooms are on the pink lilies, but the others all have swelling buds that seem to be about to open.


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posted by ayse on 07/08/06