The Fruit of the Garden

The strawberries ran out a couple of weeks ago, but they're not letting the world get them down. They're just getting ready for round two, sending up a new set of leaves. I trimmed off a bunch of old leaves and dried stems from fruit and the whole pot is looking much nicer. But I will have to do something about the dozens of drapey sets hanging over the edge.

New strawberry leaves

We've been enjoying blueberries -- one at a time -- too. There is nothing in the world like a blueberry fresh off the bush. I have never ever been able to find a store-bought blueberry that came close to hand-picked.


Weird conversation out front:

Stranger: You know you can eat poppy seeds
Me: Yes, I know
Stranger: I mean the seeds on those poppies there [gestures to poppy seedheads in the back yard]
Me: I guess so, but I want the poppies more
Stranger: But you can eat them. They are safe. But they are hallucinagens
Me: [stares]


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posted by ayse on 07/09/06