Brick Walk

The sump drainpipe runs under the front brick walk, and there is a leaky joint in it right under my brick pathway. This provides gentle, constant watering for the thyme I planted there, and the result is plants that are really thriving.

Thyme thriving

The wooly thyme is spreading well and blooming like mad, but that was sort of expected, given its ubiquitousness in the neighborhood. But even the elfin thyme, which I have been warned about from multiple readers and passers-by, is doing quite well.

There are three patches of elfin thyme in this photo. The smallest is the one in the photo above, between two large wooly thyme patches in the lower/mid left. All three are more than twice as large as when I planted them. (The wooly thyme has grown much faster, naturally.)

Thyme path

(You may wonder, what is up with all the posts this week? I decided to break things up and post a little every day rather than making a few really large posts on weekends. It helps me have more time to think of things I wanted to say or add detail to the posts before they appear. Just a little experiment I'm trying out.)

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posted by ayse on 07/12/06