Sweet Peas

I gave up on my sweet pea seedlings (they're limping along in the kitchen, but I should just compost them because at this point it is ridiculous) and bought three sweet peas from Annie's. They've taken nicely, and the middle one even has blooms on it. But they were running around on the ground and tangling with other plants, so we bought them a trellis to grow up.


When I was tying them to the trellis to train them, I realized they were covered in aphids, so I had a minor squish-fest, but mostly I didn't care that much whether the vines really thrive. I'd like to plant a climbing rose in that location sometime in the future, but until we get the siding replaced, I don't want to make any expensive plantings. Sweet peas are pretty plants, but not something I'm going to work my butt off trying to keep pest-free. Besides, the aphids are going to eat something. I'd rather they ate a few $4 plants than my roses.

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posted by ayse on 07/13/06


Good luck with your sweet peas, it has gotten way to hot here for peas and I miss them. If they don't really come through for you, you might try morning glories - NOT the bindweed type, but the well-behaved kinds that are cultivated. They don't grow by underground runners. The seed is cheap and they come up from seed easily for me. Beware that they will reseed the bed themselves (though they are easy to pull), and they really only like morning sun. Grandpa Ott has the most amazing purple flowers and Heavenly Blue is supposed to be very nice as well. Nothing seems to eat them or bother them except hot afternoon sun makes mine wilt.

Nasturtiums are an aphid magnets too. Sometimes people grow them just to keep the aphids off their roses. Those also grow easily from seed.

Our neighbor has nasturtium. Noel pulls up the ones that start in the yard, because every year they turn into a nasty goopy mess from the aphids (though I can see the value in attracting them away from the roses).

I considered morning glory, but the prospect of pulling up seedlings for a few years was not appealing. As it is, I have lavender popping up all over the place from seeds in the compost.

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