Victims of the Heat Wave

We had a few losses in the garden from the heat wave, but not as many as you might expect. I was surprised that none of the dahlias bit the dust, for example.

My poor, sad Hebe 'Emerald Gem' seems to be a goner, though. It was struggling from neglect and poor positioning earlier in the summer and then the heat came. Poo.

Hebe Emerald Gem

This Polygala hybrid that I only bought a few weeks ago also didn't survive. This is the only one I feel really bad about killing, because I should have planted it when I got it.


It looks like about half the experimental grapes didn't care for the heat, either.

Experimental grapes

There was some blue star creeper planted under here. Some small bits of some of the plants are still there, so it may grow back with water and care, but given that the dogs have been hanging out under there messing with it, I'm not holding my breath.

Under the side stairs

The California Buckwheat (Aesculus californica) may have slipped into dormancy a few weeks ago -- the species does tend to go dormant in the summer when there's drought -- so it might not be a total goner. But it certainly doesn't look good.

Aesculus california

And on the driveway, we had mass carnage. I am not sure who or what survived, but I watered everybody and yet the Silene asterias was still slumped like that when I was done.

More dead plants

Ah, well. It's not often that it gets over 100 for a week in Alameda, and when they coincides with us spending a weekend down south, of course things are going to die. At least none of the trees are in trouble (though the Montmorency cherry looks vaguely unwell).

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posted by ayse on 07/28/06