Some Project Planning

I have six weeks off between quarters and I'm working on some plans for what has to happen in that time. Some of it will be taken up by jury duty. There's a scheduled trip to Vancouver in there, too. But some of it will be devoted to finishing up some projects around the house.

  1. Paint the front steps
    (This is so overdue.) A couple coats of primer, a coat of the house paint we saved from two years ago. It should take maybe a couple days of two-hour sessions.
  2. Finish plastering the parlours and paint them
    (Even more overdue.) I need to pull all the furniture in the library away from the walls so I can repair the plaster cracks from the foundation work, then just get on the ladder and finish the front parlour (after, uh, emptying it of all the stuff we've been piling in there lately). Given the two weeks it took me to do the library in the first place, I imagine that this project will take as long. Also, I changed my mind about the paint colour for the library, so I'll likely be repainting there as well as painting in the front room. Maybe I should consider buying a sprayer.
  3. Finish repairing plaster in laundry room
    I started this months ago and just sort of lost traction with it. As long as I'm going to spend every day covered in plaster I might as well finish it off. I also want to paint this room any colour other than dark green. Half the plastering is already done. This whole project will probably take a week of days, some of them spent waiting for plaster to cure up, the other half trying to cover up that horrid green.
  4. Finish painting the bathroom
    The bathroom has this pathetically unfinished paint job, stopping just before it gets to the shower. Why? I ran out of paint at the same time as I realized I could not reach far enough to wash the grime off the ceiling over the shower. Now I can buy more paint and I have enhanced reaching devices so it's time to make another foray. While I'm in there, I'd like to replace the crappy fan with a new one that actually evacuates the air properly instead of just making a lot of noise and dropping chunks of dust on you. I think the whole project will take two or three days.
  5. Paint the kitchen ceiling
    This is a vanity project. The ceiling does not strictly need painting, but the yellow light is getting to me. So I'm going to paint the ceiling light blue to balance it. Two days, tops. And as many again to remove drops of paint from every surface I forget to cover.
  6. Finish as much of the irrigation plumbing as possible
    Honestly, I feel like I could work on this for years without seeing anything. But it's just more PVC work. Also, I need to get that tank up and installed. That'd be good. Unknown number of days, perhaps stretching well into the fall.

That's a bit ambitious, but it's a good start. Fortunately, I will be taking special urban design classes and interning at a firm in San Francisco this fall, so I will be living at home and I'll be able to keep up with projects in the evenings instead of doing homework, rather than browsing the web instead of doing homework.

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posted by ayse on 07/26/06