More Lilies

Noel brought me some photos of the latest lilies to bloom. One day last week he took the dogs out and the lilies were all just open, like that.


I've been reading a book on propagation from the library, and it has a nicely detailed section on propagating lilies. The outer layers of the bulbs slip off and can be started in a tray of potting soil. Each one becomes a lily. If that works as well as the book says, I would never need to buy lily bulbs again. Or if I did buy them, it would just be to get a new variety.

Lilies and dog

Too bad it's way too hot out to appreciate them.

Oh, and check it out, we bought ourselves a new domain as an anniversary present: (No, nothing fancy: it's just this site, different URL.)

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posted by ayse on 07/22/06