An Army of Volunteers

Last weekend I took some time to address some issues of volunteer plants, mostly from seeds in the compost. First I dug up and potted some of the volunteer lavender, the better to give some to a friend and also perhaps widen the lavender bed. (Actually, I think the plant on the far left is rosemary, a descendant of the last rosemary bush I killed.)

I was kind of surprised by all the lavender growth, but it does grow well from seed, and I pruned the heck out of it last fall then dumped it in the compost, so maybe I should not have been so surprised.

Baby English lavender

And then there was the tomato. The tomato that, unnoticed, grew to great size... in the middle of the blueberries. We've always had lots of volunteer tomatoes, thanks to the cherry tomato that ate the garden three years ago. Usually I either pull them or move them somewhere safer. I should have dug it out earlier and moved it, because now it's so large it has to be cut out. Rosie will be so disappointed: she loves tomatoes.

Tomato in the blueberries

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posted by ayse on 08/03/06