The Miracle of Pegboard

A few weeks ago John lent us his truck, and we bought a sheet of pegboard at Home Depot. Last weekend we finally hung it up, and, using a bunch of pegboard hangers given to us by our friend Bob almost four years ago, arranged all the garden tools on it.

Garden tools on pegboard

It's amazing how something as simple as hanging up the tools can make a space seem so much more organized and under control. I've had that box of pegboard fittings sitting around nagging me for years, and it was pretty nice to finally get them out and use them. A bunch of extras left over, too, so we can add another pegboard elsewhere in the basement as needed.

Now I just need to clean and sharpen the tools. I also have a bucket I'm going to fill with sand and oil to stick the tools in as they come out of the garden, so as to keep them nice and rust-free, but probably a first step would be brushing the hunks of dirt off the tools before bringing them inside.

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posted by ayse on 08/04/06