More White Stairs

So, another day, another several coats of paint.

Yesterday I failed to finish the paint job because I was busy with a few other tasks (installing some hanging baskets in the basement, cleaning up my garden tools, overseeding the lawn, and observing the hummingbird wars among them). So today I finally went to the secret hidey hole where we stashed the cans of house paint a few years ago, and got out the floor paint and the last remaining can of wall paint.

Let's see: here we are after the third coat of primer:

Three coats of primer

Why so many coats of primer? Because this is a traffic area, so I wanted a good protective layer there, and because primer is cheap and we had lots of it, and because I had a decent idea that we might just barely have enough colour coat to do one layer on the porch and no more.

As it turns out, after I finished the first colour coat, I had enough to give one thin layer of touchup.

First colour coat

The second coat was really just covering spots where the first coat was too thin. I painted the stairs with a floor paint that had sand in it, and the coverage was less than optimal, so I used my remaining paint to do another coat over the sand, which has the added benefit of making it look less like I threw sand on the porch and more like there's just a light texture for improved friction.

Stairs are done!

So now it's drying, and in an hour or so I can take down the "WET PAINT" sign that has been thawrting the mailman for the last three days. That's one summer-break project out of the way.

posted by ayse on 08/16/06