More Wiring

The wiring project continues slowly, mainly because it has to wait for Noel to be in the mood to crawl around in the darkest, filthiest corners of the house and get covered in redwood splinters. This weekend he fixed a number of outlets, replaced a bunch of construction wiring, and put in a phone outlet in the basement.


The aim is to make the wiring safer, as in, not likely to burn the house down. For example, getting the refrigerator off the same circuit as the toaster. Some of this is temporary, because the rooms it's in are changing function in the long term, so we'll be rewiring them then. But it's a long sort of temporary, so it feels good to not worry about burning the house down when we turn on the heater in the bathroom.

Old wiring pulled out

Also, it's nice to have the house router in the basement, and a phone connection down there so we can get the phone without making a mad dash up the ladder, around the house, and to the phone. We're slowly moving all the house network connectivity down into the basement, where it is out of the way and at a consistent temperature.

Wiring a phone outlet

When I say "we," you should read that as "Noel."

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posted by ayse on 09/04/06