Digging a Hole

For the last several days I've been watering the ground where I want to put in my rainwater catchment basin. Today when I watered, the ground was saturated and the water just stayed there. It was time to dig.

Saturated ground

The digging was not all that exciting. The watering had really loosened up the soil, and it went quickly. I put the soil along the side and around the trees where the ground had settled over the summer, and build up the beds I'm going to be using for planting later this fall.

Now I have this hole, which still looks a little too small. Some more digging, and then I need to get some permeable paving and retaining wall blocks to make my basin.

The hole

You'd think with that huge hole I might have a big pile of soil, but in fact it spread out easily into the dips and wallows that have appeared this year. And I could easily add more: the soil is pretty fluffy now from being dug, but it will settle down with a little rain.

Built-up bed

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posted by ayse on 09/04/06