Fall Seed Starting

I've been working on some seed starting lately. Some of the seeds are tree/major plant seeds, like these Cercis occidentalis, and some Coffea arabica for Noel.

Cercis occidentalis

Coffee is apparently notoriously difficult to grow from seed, so we shall see how it comes out.

Coffea arabica

I've also got a bunch of fall bedding plants started, and they sprouted before I had the pots to sow them into, so yesterday I put the ornamental cabbages out in a bed. The rest are five kinds of asters, which are nothing special but are nice for fall and winter around here and meet my fluffy pink flowers rule for the garden. I may put those out in another bed today, but I've been very busy digging a giant hole in the garden.

Fall annuals

Today's main task is getting retaining wall blocks and starting to reinforce the sides of my rainwater catchment.

Update: See? Baby cabbages in the sand.

Baby cabbage in the sand

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posted by ayse on 09/06/06