Digging More of the Hole

I spent much of this morning digging my hole, with a brief break to get several retaining blocks from the big box store.

The thing I spent a lot of time on was burying the retaining blocks and looking at them. This is the first configuration:

Tightly spaced

That's pretty tight on the spacing, and I realized I really wanted a shallower wall than that. So I dug the second row out and re-did it:

Looser spacing

But even that is tighter than I want. Tomorrow: more digging, more block movements. I've had an epiphany on the subject of making stairs, too, which I may get round to trying out tomorrow. Thing is, I'm in the middle of laying out a book that really needs to go to the printer on Friday, so digging may fall by the wayside. Also, it's really boring, although this morning a chickadee sat on one of the bird feeders and cheeped at me.

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posted by ayse on 09/06/06