Fussing and Digging

After spending Friday laid up on the couch chomping down ibuprofen and muscle relaxants to sooth my angry back, I was back at it today. Most of the work I did today involved raking dead weeds up into a large ball and stuffing them into the green bin for city compost. I got about half of them in there, and I hope they relax enough overnight for me to get the rest of them in there tomorrow.

I also sprayed Roundup all over the Bermuda grass out front. I need to get more concentrate tomorrow so I can finish the job.

I've been fussing with my stupid fountain, and it's still not working right. On the other hand, the pump is great, and I LOVE that it is solar.

The Shed Project

I continue to dig at the ground for the shed. My back is still mildly irritated with me about all the work I did Thursday, so I didn't get as much done today as I wanted, and clearly we're not going to be placing concrete this weekend. I'm not terribly concerned.

After some discussion, we decided to buy a concrete mixer instead of renting, and I ordered it today (along with a chipper, because my plan for world domination through compost requires it). It will probably arrive next week, just in time to be thrown into service. Then I might do the front retaining wall for the roses when the shed is complete. Anyway, the fact that we are waiting for the mixer to arrive makes me less harried about getting the digging and formwork done.

Here's where I was at the end of the digging-day today:

Shed foundation excavation

Yeah, the sun is getting lower in the sky.

The Hole

I did only a teeny-tiny bit of work on the great basin today. I repositioned one block (on the right) and placed another block (on the left) and cracked out the rest of the main pathway to make the proper slope (under Rosie).

The big hole

The dogs do seem to enjoy lying right where I've just dug, which is terribly inconvenient. I moved around a bit of dirt, too, and then my back said it'd had enough of that from me and we were going inside now.

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posted by ayse on 09/16/06