Moving House

With the catchment done, it was time for the dianthus move.

Here they are, innocently misplaced next to the apple, where I plan to move some of the smaller salvias, to make a slightly taller and informal bed.

Original location of the dianthus

Moving them was pretty easy, compared to deciding where each one was going to go. They do tend to spread quite a bit so I needed to leave them room, and I wanted to mix up the varieties a little. I hope the ones on the bottom don't mind the occasional submersion in winter.

All planted in the basin

And now I have all this ROOM to put in more plants. Though, actually, as I said, I'm just going to move plants in here from elsewhere.

No more dianthus

I also threw together the strawberry bed, which is really quite straightforward. Strawberries like compost. Just plant them in it straight up, and they will be happy.

Strawberry bed

As a bonus, the little bud that has been sitting on this succulent let go today, and gave us a neat yellow flower (the bud was pink, so it was a surprise).

Bonus: flower on the succulents

All in all, not a bad day in the garden. I need to work on that shed foundation now, alas.

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posted by ayse on 09/19/06