Strawberries in November

The subject of this post is the title of a book I have on Bay Area gardening. It is also what appears to be in the cards for us. This evening as I was doing some watering I saw this:

Strawberry blossom

Blooming again! The ones in the pot are kind of suffering, on account of my being bad about watering them lately, but the ones in the ground are doing quite well. I guess I should get off my butt and transplant the potted plants, too.

So what else is growing in the garden?

Another spring plant (in my mind): the freesias I planted recently decided to show me what they're made of. Which is apparently little green stringy bits.


The Bonica roses are covered in hips, but that hasn't stopped them from reblooming, which I was not expecting.

Rose hips and blooms

My hedge of lavender along the front walk is totally overgrown. I've started pruning it but not gotten far, so this weekend I will be attacking it. More shredding fun!

Lavender hedge

Apparently there's a trellis under that giant sweet pea bundle.

Sweet peas

And this mystery vine, growing under the Asian pears, seems to be doing well. It has little yellow flowers but so far has not set any fruit.

Mystery vine

What is NOT growing is our neighbor's sidewalk strip. A week ago I was tiddling around out front and she came over to talk plants (another gardener) and asked me to give the Bermuda on her side a shot of Roundup on my next go-round. So I did, and a week later the Bermuda is dying. She and the neighbor across the street are going to rip the dead grass out and do some nicer, low-maintenance planting.

Dead strip

My leaf-stealing activities continue. I've been letting the leaves settle in this brush bin, and tomorrow I think I will get the tarp out again and go get some leaves from the oaks up the street and another tarp-load from the maple (I like oak leaves, but they are best used in moderation in the leaf pile).

Leaf stash

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posted by ayse on 10/27/06