If It Looks Like a Duct and Quacks Like a Duct...

There's been one last duct to hook up in the heating system, but we've been delaying because it required a hole through the shear wall. Our engineer gave us plans for making such a hole, with details on how to reinforce it and so on, but it was a bit daunting. Today, Noel tackled the project.

The hole had to be reinforced along its edges with strapping that would transfer lateral loads to the columns. This was nailed in the pattern calculated by the engineer.

Nailing the strapping

When the hole was set up, it was a simple matter of running the duct from the furnace to the vent in the dining room floor.

Last duct

All hooked up and ready for it not to be too hot to think out. Isn't this supposed to be October?


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posted by ayse on 10/22/06


Being from a non-seismic part of the country, I'm just amazed at the amount of nails you have to put into your construction. You'd think so many nails would destroy the integrity of the 2-by (or whatever it is behind the plywood) that's being nailed into. If I ever saw something like this before I knew the reason behind it, I would have thought someone let a monkey with nailgun loose in the place!

It does seem like overkill if you don't know why it's there. I grew up back East, and even though I've been here for a really long time, thinking about designing a building to stay together when the ground moves sideways all of a sudden is still utterly foreign to me.

(It's nailed into a 4x4 in back, with metal strapping to tie it to the 4x4 studs. It's too dark for me to get a good photo down there; perhaps later I will get the shoplights out and get a better photo than the ones I rejected yesterday.)

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